Ports / Marins

Our coast offers a large number of ports, marins and piers. When deciding to go ashore, choose only designated facilities for mooring. Any other spots  are not safe due to stones or shallows. Refoating may not be possibile and hull might be damaged. Below is a list of places we recommend for a stopover.

The “Marina Gdynia” yacht marina has 260 berths with access to water and electricity, and the well-prepared infrastructure for sailors. The Gdynia marina meets all environmental standards, it is possible to use sanitary sewage collection points, chemical toilets, waste segregation point, slipway and a stationary crane with a maximum load of 2.5 tons.

The fuel station located on the quayside enables safe and environmentally friendly refueling. Basin is monitored. The facility is popular among Polish and foreign sailors.

It is a base for many sailing events at the European and global level including Wind and Water Fair, Gdynia Saling Days and many other. Gdynia’s marina is the base for all sailing events – the largest and most modern in Poland. Its unquestionable advantage is its location in the very center of the city. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Gdynia.

From early spring to late autumn, the marina gets busy. Wonderful and luxurious yachts as well as quite small and modest boats are moored here next to each other. Sailing clubs are located around Marina, where even several-year-old children can learn the secrets of sailing.

54.51715, 18.54991

al. Jana Pawła II 13A, 81-345 Gdynia

phone: +48 785 174 719

e-mail: marina@gdyniasport.pl

www: https://gdyniasport.pl/pl/obiekty/marina-gdynia

Marina Yacht Park is a modern marina, which since this sailing season makes the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea even more attractive. With functional facilities tailored to the needs of the most demanding sailors and a state-of-the-art management and booking system, Marina Yacht Park is ideal for receiving units from Poland and abroad, and also friendly to permanent shipowners.

Marina Yacht Park has 120 berths with access to water and electricity and perfect infrastructure. 72 berths are intended for units shorter than 14 meters (LOA), 42 for units shorter than 12 meters and 6 berths for units below 10 meters. The depth of the marina allows it to accept crafts with a draught of up to 8 meters. In addition, Marina Yacht Park has 8 berths for docking ski jets, small RIBs and training boats. It includes specially designed floating piers for this type of units.  

The marina meets high ecological standards, providing sanitary sewage collection points, chemical toilets, and waste segregation points and the nearby gas station located on the wharf allows safe refueling. The marina is fenced off and constantly monitored.

The project also includes building a functional harbor master’s office with an area of over 300 square meters You will find there social facilities, 15 showers, toilets, laundry room, boatswain’s room and a room for training and meetings.

54.5212, 18.55171

Arkadiusza Rybickiego 4c, 81-340 Gdynia

phone: +48 785 557 777

e-mail: office@marinayachtpark.pl

www: https://www.marinayachtpark.pl/

Marina Sopot is the marina in the Gulf of Gdańsk, opened in July 2011 by the former President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.Access to marina is restricted by the gate, that can be opened only with the card issued to the owners and crews of vessels mooring there.

At the end of the pier there is a building. One part of it is occupied by the Meridian restaurant, and the other by the Bosun’s Office. Office is on the second floor, accessed by the stairs. Next to it there is a sanitary facility for the crews mooring in the Sopot marina.

When entering the marina, on the right side there is the southern breakwater where larger yachts are moored. All walkers have access to the pier.On the left side there are two floating jetties, which together with the eastern breakwater, the spur and the pier head form three small pools for convenient mooring of sailing yachts, motor yachts or RIB motorboats.

54.44814, 18.57688

ul. Plac Zdrojowy 2, 81-723 Sopot

telefon: +48 797 479 409

e-mail: bosmanat.mosir@use.pl

www: https://www.marina-sopot.com.pl/

We invite you to yacht harbour “Marina Gdańsk” situated on the Motlawa River in the historical centre of the Hanseatic city of Gdańsk. The harbour is 290 meters long and is situated along the Szafarnia Waterfront near the Maritime Museum of Gdańsk. It is fully equipped with electricity, lighting, water and sanitary facilities. The navigation in the port of Gdańsk from the main entrance up to the Marina is very easy and it takes about 45 minutes. Yacht harbour is able to accommodate sailing yachts with a maximum draft of 3,50 m.

54.34953, 18.6603

ul. Szafarnia 6/U4, 80-755 Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 301 33 78 GSM: 695-564-848

e-mail: marina.gdansk@sportgdansk.pl

www: https://www.sportgdansk.pl/obiekty/przystan-jachtowa-marina-gdansk/

The Marina “Żabi Kruk” is fully equipped yacht harbor with electricity, lightning, water, sanitary and small kitchen facilities. It is located little bit far away from the city center, so the marina is intimate and cozy. Security and CCTV are operating 24/h. Marina is able to accommodate motor and sailing yachts with maximum draft of 3,50 m depending on the water levels and maximum air draft 2,50 m.

54.34223, 18.64858

Żabi Kruk 15 A, 80-822 Gdańsk

phone: +48 506-056-073

e-mail: zabi.kruk@sportgdansk.pl

www: https://www.sportgdansk.pl/obiekty/przystanie-zeglarskie-program-ozywienia-drog-wodnych-w-gdansku/

The marina is located at the Wisłoujście Fortress (northern part), we enter from the side of the Vistula Martwa. Mooring available only for the yacht club members, in other cases prior contact with the boatswain is required. Mooring possible bow or stern to the quay. Long-side mooring at the concrete (outer) quay.

54.39587, 18.67913

ul. Stara Twierdza 9/12, 80-561 Gdańsk

phone: 602 249 490 / 789 029 730

e-mail: brak

www: http://www.pkm.gda.pl

The marina’s infrastructure contains: a wharf, a permanent pier, floating piers with berths for approx. 100 sailing and motor yachts. The marina is equipped with basic utilities: water, electricity, lighting.

Specialist workshops allow for minor repairs and renovations.

The main building has sanitary facilities for marina users.

54.36759, 18.77701

Stogi 21, 80-642 Gdańsk

phone: +48 603 766 314

e-mail: ncz@awf.gda.pl

www: http://ncz.awf.gda.pl/

The Górki Zachodnie yacht marina serves as a year-round berth for recreational vessels and enables their owners and shipowners to use sanitary, social and service facilities. In the area of the marina, the Yacht Club of the Gdańsk Shipyard conducts its statutory activity as a public benefit organization. The marina is used as a place for organizing regattas and training children and youth. Specialized companies servicing recreational vessels run in the area.

The marina is located behind a strip of wooded dunes in the vicinity of a waterfowl reserve and connected by the waters of the Martwa Wisła with the Motława and the Vistula through the lock in Przegalin.

54.35681, 18.78169

Przełom 9, 80-643 Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 307 31 15

email: –

www: https://www.sportgdansk.pl/obiekty/przystan-jachtowa-gorki-zachodnie/

A friendly port less than a nautical mile from the mouth of the Vistula Śmiała. The marina is located in Gdańsk in Górki Zachodnie, 15 km from the center of Gdańsk. On the area of almost 12,000 m² and thanks to a 140-meter pier, it is adapted for mooring 25 yachts.

54.35806, 18.77961

Przełom 24, 80-643 Gdańsk

phone: +48 668 868 228


www: www.marinaprzelom.pl

Mooring for boats: Marine is located inside the fishing harbor, which is located on the end of the Hel Peninsula, near a large military port. It is surrounded by system of breakwaters. It has 35 berths for thr visitors with 4-4,5 m depth. Mooring alongside.

Near Marina: Fishing Museum based in XV century Church, XIX fishing huts, Baltic sea seal aquarium, Lighthouse, boat connections to Gdansk, Gdynia, Kaliningrad.

Sailing warnings: Apperance of waves in the basin at strong southerly winds. Entering/leaving harbor with save speed not exceeding 5 knots, 5,8 m draught and after Harbor Master permission (ch: 10)

54.69458, 18.67376

ul. Żeglarska 1, 84-150 Hel

phone: 605 727 070

e-mail: porthel@home.pl

www: www.porthel.home.pl


The port in Puck is a port with a fishing harbor and an independent yacht marina. It is the base for the fishing fleet and developing tourist yachting. It is also a water sports center. The Puck port is located on the west coast of the Bay of Puck on the Kashubian Coast.

Port of Puck consists of two port pools separated by the beach and the facilities of the Scout Maritime Center.

The movement of ships is managed by the Puck Harbor Master’s Office, subordinate to the Władysławowo Harbor Master’s Office. The port infrastructure is administered by the Maritime Office in Gdynia and the city of Puck.

The yacht marina in Puck accepts vessels with a hull length of up to 20 m and a draft not exceeding 2.8 m.

The Fishing Basin has a rectangular shape and 3 quays, the eastern one is 67 m long, the southern 40 m, and the western 74 m. The depths in the pool range from 2.5 m to 3.5 m.

In the area of ​​the Yacht Marina, residents can use modernized infrastructure – the renovated sanitary facilities provide a social base and allow you to use the toilet, as well as a hot shower. The water-saving systems are an advantage for those who care about the natural environment. Moreover, a dedicated toilet for disabled people has a positive effect on the increase in the use of the marina by people with various types of mobility limitations.

The Yacht Harbor is currently a small, but extremely charming port that meets European standards.

54.72366, 18.41706

Miejski Ośrodek Kultury Sportu i Rekreacji

Molo, Żeglarzy, 84-100, Puck

phone . +48 696 661 111

e-mail: moksir-puck@home.pl

www: http://www.moksir.puck.pl/

Between the Mechelińskie Łąki reserve and the cliff, there is a marina with characteristic fishing boats. Mechelinki is the largest fishing port in the Kosakowo commune. There are 9 boats registered here and they are currently based on the beach. It is a charming place where you can take a nice photo and buy a fish straight from the cutter. Recently, a modern fishing harbor with back-up facilities has been built to improve the working conditions of local fishermen.

54.61018, 18.514

ul. Nadmorska, 81-198 Mechelinki

phone: –

e-mail: –

www: http://mechelinki.solectwo.pl/

Rewa has two harbors for fishermen and a pier. The establishment of the village is dated for 16th century. Before World War II, passenger ships and small sailing ships moored here. At the moment, the marina has only recreational functions. Rewa is a great alternative to the overcrowded beaches of the Tri-City.

54.63196, 18.49715

ul. Morska 109, 81-198 Rewa

phone: –

e-mail: –

www: –

The beach in Osłonino has a wild character, there is a small pier on it – a pier, eagerly visited by kite and windsurfing enthusiasts. The beach is quite narrow and there is no guarded bathing area on it. Charming, 16-meter-high cliff can be found In the North of Osłonino (towards Rzucewo).

54.66825, 18.46589

ul. Młyńska, Osłonino

phone: –

e-mail: –

www: https://www.oslonino.pl/atrakcje/1/plaza

Rzucewo is a small town in Kashubia, situated on the Baltic Sea, more precisely on the Bay of Puck. Thanks to this location, Rzucewo offers unique beaches. Theyare usually no crowds here so you can sunbathe in peace and quiet, close to nature. The forest is covered by the Seaside Landscape Park. Close to the beach there is a castle in Rzucewo and a unique museum – the Seal Hunters’ Settlement.

54.68613, 18.46682

ul. Rzucewo

phone: –

e-mail: – www: –

Swarzewo is a fishing and tourist town on the Bay of Puck, located at the base of the Hel Peninsula, between Władysławowo and Puck. In Swarzewo, there is a marina with a pier, water crafts rental and a windsurfing school. Swarzewo is the place to rest in silence, without the hustle and bustle of the city. A bicycle path runs through Swarzewo, along the Bay of Puck and the Hel Peninsula – it connects Puck with Hel (about 60 km). At the same time, from Swarzewo, close to Puck, Władysławowo and even the Tri-City – it is a good place to organize interesting car trips around the Gdańsk Coast.

54.76044, 18.40542

ul. Morska 6, Swarzewo

phone. +48 (58) 674 36 16

e-mail: stanicawodna@oksitpuck.pl

www: http://oksitpuck.pl/stanica/

The port of Chałupy was estimated in 1997. It is located at the eastern end of the village of Chałupy on the Bay of Puck. At a distance of about 100 meters, the visitor can enjoy the charms of one of the most beautiful Baltic beaches.

Wooden piers allows mooring of vessels with a draft of up to 1.2 meters. The parking lot provides space for about 30 cars.

The port includes: a bar with the view on the bay, a traditional Kashubian smokehouse and a restaurant terrace located directly by the water.

A characteristic point that makes it easy to find the marina is a 24-meter-high replica of the mast of a sailing ship from the 19th century.

54.75698, 18.51632

ul. Kaperska 65, 84-120 Władysławowo

phone: +48 693 109 941

e-mail: mcelarek@hotmail.com

www: www.portchalupy.wpt.pl

Kuźnica is a fairly large fishing center. There is a fishing port with a marina from the side of Puck Bay. For many years it was a small, unprotected fishing harbor, with a small wharf and a difficult and shallow approach. In autumn 2012, port passe complex modernisation.

Currently, the port is protected by two breakwaters – southern (174 m) and eastern (110 m). The breakwaters are also quays where vessels can moor. The breakwaters are lit and have power connections.

Additionally, on the shore, there are boatswain’s office, a social and administrative building for fishermen and sanitary buildings with toilets and showers.

Fairway to the port was deepened.

Pogłębiono także tor podejścia do portu.

54.73314, 18.58094

ul. Hallera 1A, 84-130 Kuźnica

phone: –

e-mail: –

www: www.kuznica.info.pl

Kuźnica is a fairly large fishing center. There is a fishing port with a marina from the side of Puck Bay. For many years it was a small, unprotected fishing harbor, with a small wharf and a difficult and shallow approach. In autumn 2012, port passe complex modernisation.

Currently, the port is protected by two breakwaters – southern (174 m) and eastern (110 m). The breakwaters are also quays where vessels can moor. The breakwaters are lit and have power connections.

Additionally, on the shore, there are boatswain’s office, a social and administrative building for fishermen and sanitary buildings with toilets and showers.

Fairway to the port was deepened.

54.73151, 18.58727

ul. Hallera, 84-130 Kuźnica

phone. –

e-mail: –

www: www.kuznica.info.pl

The port of Jastarnia is a fishing and passenger marina. Located on the side of the Bay of Puck. It
consists of a port basin, the western part of which is intended for cutters and fishing boats and the
eastern part is a yacht marina for recreation and water sports.

54.69458, 18.67376

ul. Portowa 43 , 84-140 Jastarnia

phone. 507 857 652

e-mail: mzp@jastarnia.pl

www: https://www.jastarnia.com/atrakcje/port-rybacki-w-jastarni-1475